18 Ekim 2015 Pazar

First Miniatures Painted(British)

First miniatures painted! These are from Pendraken 10mm WW1 Middle East range. First battalion done with 3 companies of British and 1 company Indian infantry.

I tried to make them Gallipoli themed, hope you enjoy.

14 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba

New Rules Document

After the first and very simple version of rules were shared, I have worked on them considering all the critics. The rules are still far from complete but now they are more "shaped" and explained with some visuals and examples in some cases.

So here is the Trial by Fire (WW1 and early 20th Century miniatures game) rules.


Main changes;
Units (companies) are now represented with three bases. (of course the flexibility on modeling issues continues, just the standards we use are changed)
Unit statuses changed.
Shooting and Assault Combat dice numbers changed accordingly.
Modifiers for Shooting and Assault Combat are now a little different.
Rules about Defensive Fire, Supporting Units and Counterattack were reviewed.
Regimental Orders now has to match some contexts if units will have bonuses from them.

I hope you enjoy the changes and this edited version. Also, my first miniatures have arrived and I'm painting them right now, will also share them when they're ready.