30 Kasım 2015 Pazartesi

First Play-Test Day

Here are photos from the first play-test day we launched. We have some Turkish and British forces, some painted, some unpainted and a little empty bases for play-test issues.

Game 1: We tested a somewhat "free for all" scenario with some objectives on table center and two in each player's side, protected by fortifications. Each side had same amount of forces. Game ended in draw with British (me) who ran towards the objectives from the very first turn taking a little more damage. No big assaults, mainly firefight as predicted.

Game 2: This game we played with one side having nearly a double-sized force than the other. And the weaker side also had half of their forces in reserve. We placed three objectives around the center and some "Inadequate Trenches" were given to the defender. Game saw big assaults, the center was taken by assaulting British but the other sides were contested and thus, the game ended with a very close victory for defenders.

I'm really happy about the basic game mechanics. For rules-wise, only some small touches are necessary. After that, I shall need to work on advanced rules like for pioneers, armoured vehicles etc.

And lastly, I had the chance to play a 1/72 skirmish game (Akıncı - Raider) designed by a friend of mine, Ruhi. He made a very simple 16th century skirmish game involving Ottomans and Cossacks for introducing newcomers to historical wargaming.

21 Kasım 2015 Cumartesi

First Turkish Base

Here is the first Turkish base painted by Ruhi! We shall hopefully have some play-test games next weekend. Will update with photos once we do the play-tests and obtain some results.

18 Ekim 2015 Pazar

First Miniatures Painted(British)

First miniatures painted! These are from Pendraken 10mm WW1 Middle East range. First battalion done with 3 companies of British and 1 company Indian infantry.

I tried to make them Gallipoli themed, hope you enjoy.

14 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba

New Rules Document

After the first and very simple version of rules were shared, I have worked on them considering all the critics. The rules are still far from complete but now they are more "shaped" and explained with some visuals and examples in some cases.

So here is the Trial by Fire (WW1 and early 20th Century miniatures game) rules.


Main changes;
Units (companies) are now represented with three bases. (of course the flexibility on modeling issues continues, just the standards we use are changed)
Unit statuses changed.
Shooting and Assault Combat dice numbers changed accordingly.
Modifiers for Shooting and Assault Combat are now a little different.
Rules about Defensive Fire, Supporting Units and Counterattack were reviewed.
Regimental Orders now has to match some contexts if units will have bonuses from them.

I hope you enjoy the changes and this edited version. Also, my first miniatures have arrived and I'm painting them right now, will also share them when they're ready.

14 Eylül 2015 Pazartesi

First Beta Army Lists

My friend Konstantinos Travlos prepared some army lists for Greek-Turkish War of 1919-22. I have edited them slightly to bring them more in line with TbF rules. Here is the document.

Note: The lists in rulebook will be somewhat different from these. Simpler in some ways and more detailed in other aspects. But these lists are perfect to use, both for now and after the book is out, for anyone who prefers them.

When playing TbF, I think of two ways for players to use army lists and scenarios;

1. Freestyle

Do the research and try to write a scenario that represents a battle in history. Then, choose army lists for players upon this historical research. An alternative may be to use any force at hand and try to come up with a good scenario that both players will enjoy. If you choose that route, do not worry much about balance and points, just try to fight a good historical battle and have fun.

2. Tournament

If players want to play a points based game with available scenario suggestions in rulebook or when playing at a tourney, this would be the way to go. The rulebook will cover some points based army lists, although the point-list system will not be like the ones used by Flames of War or Warhammer games. I think of something more like one used in By-Fire-and-Sword rules. There will also be options for scenarios in both cases where roughly equal sides face each other and one side has overwhelming strength over the other. The details are not yet established but basically, this is what I have in mind.

Play-tests will begin soon...

11 Eylül 2015 Cuma

Trial by Fire - Basic Rules

This blog is about the World War I miniature wargame rules; Trial by Fire. The game is good to go with any Great War or early 20th century conflict but for the start, focuses more closely on Middle East front and especially the wars of Ottoman Empire.

The basic rules are and will always be, free to access. In future if all goes well, I wish to publish a rulebook which will cover the rules in detail, history information, army lists and scenarios. The army lists and scenarios of rulebook will cover four main theatres; Gallipoli, Middle East, Caucasus Campaign and Greek-Turkish War 1919-22.

In TbF players control regiments, which are composed of one or more battalions. Each battalion includes several companies, which is the basic tactical unit of game. We have designed the ranges to be compatible for 10mm or 15mm sizes but anyone can convert the ranges for any modelling size they wish. While we have established some basic standarts, basing rules for units are also flexible.

Enough talking for now, here are the links.

Google Docs format of the very basic rules;

English Speaking Facebook Project Group; (for those who want to participate in discussions)

Turkish Speaking Facebook Project Group; (same)

Until next time...