11 Eylül 2015 Cuma

Trial by Fire - Basic Rules

This blog is about the World War I miniature wargame rules; Trial by Fire. The game is good to go with any Great War or early 20th century conflict but for the start, focuses more closely on Middle East front and especially the wars of Ottoman Empire.

The basic rules are and will always be, free to access. In future if all goes well, I wish to publish a rulebook which will cover the rules in detail, history information, army lists and scenarios. The army lists and scenarios of rulebook will cover four main theatres; Gallipoli, Middle East, Caucasus Campaign and Greek-Turkish War 1919-22.

In TbF players control regiments, which are composed of one or more battalions. Each battalion includes several companies, which is the basic tactical unit of game. We have designed the ranges to be compatible for 10mm or 15mm sizes but anyone can convert the ranges for any modelling size they wish. While we have established some basic standarts, basing rules for units are also flexible.

Enough talking for now, here are the links.

Google Docs format of the very basic rules;

English Speaking Facebook Project Group; (for those who want to participate in discussions)

Turkish Speaking Facebook Project Group; (same)

Until next time...

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