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Rules Revised and Sample Lists & Scenarios

Hello again,

It has been a while since I posted. During this time, we play-tested, launched the revised rules in Turkish and now, again after a brief revision, giving you the new version of rules in English.

What changed?
Everything simplified.
Assault became much more easy.
Some units were revised according to historical context.
Special unit types were added like Mounted Rifles, Stormtroopers etc.

And now I can at last give some sample army lists and scenarios. Here are British and Ottoman Infantry lists for Middle East - Palestine Front with special rules for both nations and three simple scenarios to try.

While everything is subject to change until the rulebook comes out, I hopefully think that there will not be any major change on rules from now on. They very much satisfy me as they are.

Hope you like them. And please give us your feedback if you play-test Trial by Fire.

Trial by Fire, Rules for Miniature Games of World War I and Early 20th Century (v0.2)

Sample Army Lists and Scenarios for Trial by Fire

So what now?

Well, I'll concentrate on the book now. I have read many books covering WW1 Mediterranean Fronts, Turkish War of Independence, Ottomans, British and now it is time to produce the historical information that shall be in rulebook. I'm also very close to finish painting my 10mm British, I hope soon we will be able to launch an Ottoman-British battlereport with fully painted armies.

Take care...

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