14 Eylül 2015 Pazartesi

First Beta Army Lists

My friend Konstantinos Travlos prepared some army lists for Greek-Turkish War of 1919-22. I have edited them slightly to bring them more in line with TbF rules. Here is the document.

Note: The lists in rulebook will be somewhat different from these. Simpler in some ways and more detailed in other aspects. But these lists are perfect to use, both for now and after the book is out, for anyone who prefers them.

When playing TbF, I think of two ways for players to use army lists and scenarios;

1. Freestyle

Do the research and try to write a scenario that represents a battle in history. Then, choose army lists for players upon this historical research. An alternative may be to use any force at hand and try to come up with a good scenario that both players will enjoy. If you choose that route, do not worry much about balance and points, just try to fight a good historical battle and have fun.

2. Tournament

If players want to play a points based game with available scenario suggestions in rulebook or when playing at a tourney, this would be the way to go. The rulebook will cover some points based army lists, although the point-list system will not be like the ones used by Flames of War or Warhammer games. I think of something more like one used in By-Fire-and-Sword rules. There will also be options for scenarios in both cases where roughly equal sides face each other and one side has overwhelming strength over the other. The details are not yet established but basically, this is what I have in mind.

Play-tests will begin soon...

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