30 Kasım 2015 Pazartesi

First Play-Test Day

Here are photos from the first play-test day we launched. We have some Turkish and British forces, some painted, some unpainted and a little empty bases for play-test issues.

Game 1: We tested a somewhat "free for all" scenario with some objectives on table center and two in each player's side, protected by fortifications. Each side had same amount of forces. Game ended in draw with British (me) who ran towards the objectives from the very first turn taking a little more damage. No big assaults, mainly firefight as predicted.

Game 2: This game we played with one side having nearly a double-sized force than the other. And the weaker side also had half of their forces in reserve. We placed three objectives around the center and some "Inadequate Trenches" were given to the defender. Game saw big assaults, the center was taken by assaulting British but the other sides were contested and thus, the game ended with a very close victory for defenders.

I'm really happy about the basic game mechanics. For rules-wise, only some small touches are necessary. After that, I shall need to work on advanced rules like for pioneers, armoured vehicles etc.

And lastly, I had the chance to play a 1/72 skirmish game (Akıncı - Raider) designed by a friend of mine, Ruhi. He made a very simple 16th century skirmish game involving Ottomans and Cossacks for introducing newcomers to historical wargaming.

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