25 Temmuz 2016 Pazartesi

Trial by Fire - Rulebook

At last...

First of all, thank you all the people who gave me encouragement and support during this project. Today, after many play-tests, reviews and last touches, version 1.0 of the rulebook is finished and ready for your eyes.

It is not excellent, but it is something, it is complete and it is free!

Here you go; Trial by Fire - Rulebook v1.0

What is inside?
An introduction to Trial by Fire - WW1 wargaming rules.
Historical context: brief overview of the Great War.
Basic and advanced rules for Trial by Fire.
A game report, depicting a battle between Turks and British.
Four sample historical scenarios from various theatres.
Two points-based force lists from Middle East campaign.
Six standard scenarios for games with points-based lists.

Now what?
I will try to prepare a supplement for the rulebook in short time. It will cover rules changes for occasions when you want to play TbF on Skirmish or Grand Battle level. Then, I'm planning to focus on a book which will have more historical scenarios and force lists covering the theatres where Ottoman Empire fought during WW1. It shall include scenarios and lists for Middle East, Gallipoli, Caucasus Campaigns and Greco-Turkish War 1919-22.

Please join the Trial by Fire - WW1 facebook page to get updated about all things related to TbF. (And this is the Turkish facebook page, Ateşle İmtihan - WW1, for anyone interested.)

Again, a huge thank you for all!

I hope you enjoy some games with this ruleset and please give me your feedback if you ever get a chance to play Trial by Fire...

M. Batuhan Tunçdemir

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  1. That is a fantastic amount of work. I am always appreciative of anyone who gives of their time so freely. Thank you.

    1. Thank you sir! Seeing that World War I period is already a "not so much played" one, I decided to go for all free. This also allowed me to focus on game-rules-play tests and context rather than design, artwork and visual stuff.

  2. Thank you for sharing these freely! I really look forward to reading them and hopefully some gaming. Thank you, Mehmet. Alan

    1. You're welcome! Looking forward to hear your opinions once you read - game.

  3. That looks excellent - very clean and professional! I'll be having a good read :)