7 Ağustos 2016 Pazar

Skirmish and Grand Battle

Hello everyone,

Here's another document for Trial by Fire rules; Skirmish and Grand Battle. This small book is about playing the game on Battalion or Divisional level, rather than the standard Regimental level described in Rulebook. There's also a section on how you can modify the rules and modelling for smaller or bigger gaming areas, like using fewer or greater numbers of miniatures.

This was something I had in mind for some time. Of course, anyone can change the rules and the modelling issues as they see fit but I thought that I should give away some tips and tell about the way I do it when solo play-testing.

Skirmish rules tell you about how you can change your games to represent clashes of a few companies and Grand Battle rules describe the way your games can turn into large wars with a number of regiments and brigades involved. With the tips in this book, now you can also easily play Trial by Fire on any small table with a few amount of miniatures, like using just one base for a unit. Or you can turn the game into a great show with many models and bases.

Hope this helps! Take care...

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